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  • Vendor: Maso Mica
  • Weight: 567MT
  • Warranty (months): 1
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Description: Mica is a naturally occurring mineral, based on a group of silicate minerals composed of varying amounts of aluminum, potassium, magnesium, iron and water having thin sheet-like or plate-like structure with different composition and physical properties. All Mica form flat six-sided monoclinic crystals with a remarkable cleavage in the direction of large surfaces, which permits them to be easily cleaved into optically flat films. When cleaved into thin films, they remain tough and elastic even at high temperatures.


Our Mica Mine Locations: Our Mica are obtained from the following area of Nassarawa state viz: Akwanga, Karu, Kokona, Toto, Nasarawa Eggon and Plateau State. 


Our Mica Specifications:

·         Diameter--1/2 inch up

·         Quality requirements: Exportable Mica regardless of the type must be:

·         Dry

·         Clean

·         No sands

·         No stones

·         No mud or mud stain

·         Good tensile strength

  • Colour:                                Light green.

  • Purity:                                 No impurities, No spot, Very Clean

  • Size (Length, Breath):          1.5 inches (98% minimum) .

  • Thickness:                           3-20mm

  • Packing :                             50kg bags


Our Export market: Our major export markets of Mica is China. Other buyers next to china include India, Canada, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bulgaria and Australia.


Our Export Price: Depending on the purity of the FOB price of our Mica could vary from US120-220/MT.


our Local price: Depending on the purity and type of Mica, the local market price at our loading point could vary from   NGN15,000-18,000/MT delivered to Lagos.

Payment Instrument:     Bank Draft, Bank Guarantee

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